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Summertime Reading: Kid Edition

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Summertime Reading - How to Keep Kids Reading

Summer break is either here or just around the corner. The lure of the pool, playground and lazy days on the sofa may prove a tempting distraction for kids. And it should. After all, it's summer break! But as a parent, you probably don't want all of that beautiful knowledge to slide right out of their head while enjoying summertime fun.

Reading should never be a chore. It can be difficult to balance helping to keep up a skill with fostering a true love of books. Here's a great way to motivate your kiddos to pick up a book or fifteen over break. (20 if they are feeling truly ambitious).

Now, elementary school is but a distant (very, very distant) memory for me, so I cannot say whether or not I would have liked this. But this is child-approved! My quality control agents, aka a couple of rambunctious seven year old twins, gave it their stamp of approval. (They actually wanted to get started with it right away. Nerds.)

Wanna give it a try? Download the PDF below.

summer reading for kids
Download PDF • 3.81MB

Check back for more free downloads and fun ways to keep kids engaged with summer reading. What ways do you use to keep your children reading during the summer? Comment below!