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Hi I Don't Think We've Met Yet

Updated: May 30, 2022

Welcome to Bookworms & Biblios: A blog for the bookish

Hi, I don't think we've met, but here I go by Bookish. Welcome to my little corner of the internet -- my digital book nook, if you will.

A small bookshelf with seven books and a gold geometric bookend. On top of the bookend stands Sam Wilson Captain America Funko bobblehead. The shelf is also occupied by a small succulent in a simple white pot and a  watering can with a rainbow.
My "TBR" Shelf with its valiant protector Capt. America

Do you remember that super nerdy kid who always had their nose stuck in a book, and could be found in a school library at any given opportunity? Yeah, that's me—but all grown up. To say I'm passionate about reading is an understatement. For as long as I can remember, I've been a lover of stories and quester of knowledge. This blog exists because I wanted to share my adoration and passion for reading (and I use that term loosely because audiobooks are books) with the world.

Reviews Are a Bit Different Here

I don't believe in star ratings because they don't capture how a book makes me feel—and that's what matters most to me. If I don't like a book, you won't see it here. If I do like it, you'll probably see it here (or on my Instagram).

I'm never hampered by genre or publication date. It's like Pokémon for me—I gotta read 'em all! As an avid Kindle Unlimited user, you can expect a lot of indie and free book recs! And I have a small shop for the bookishly inclined (see what I did there?).

Books Are an Adventure

As someone who is preternaturally shy, I like to think of this as a grand adventure -- just like in the novels I read. No matter if you're a friend or family member supporting me, or you stumbled upon this blog via Google search or my other socials, I'm glad you're coming along with me.

I hope you'll visit again soon and often!

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