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February Releases I Can't Wait to Read: Part II

The Second Part of February TBR Now with HarperCollins.

It's time for part deux of my February reads list. (The first list can be found here). Just as I went to publish this post, HarperCollins reached a tentative agreement with the union! I remain cautiously optimistic, so with that, I will reveal the HPC titles I'm excited about. That being said, the HPC Union has been through a lot, and you can still show your support by visiting their Bookshop affiliate page or heading over to their various social media accounts.

I am an ARC reader, but I haven't had a chance to preview any of these books. So this list could be a collection of remarkable new releases, or they could be duds -- we'll find out together. These are titles I found intriguing. Some ended up on the list because of my personal reading goals, and others because I've read and enjoyed previous works by the author. As I said before, this is a two-part series, so without further ado...

Five Books Plus One to Check Out This February

Not keen to start a six-part book series, this post will be filed under the Five Book Series. There's just a bonus book, and who doesn't love bonus books? I pulled these titles from a combination of Goodreads, Publisher's Weekly, and Book Riot. A great way to support your local bookseller and get new titles when they come out is to pre-order, especially if you're an instant gratification monster like myself.

The Shadow of Perseus

The Porcelain Moon

Every Man a King

Chaos Theory




The Shadow of Perseus by Claire Heywood


I am an absolute sucker for a mythological retelling. It's no secret to anyone with even a passing knowledge of Ancient Greece that it was an incredibly sexist society. That sexism bleeds over into most of their stories, so it's always refreshing to see these often misogynist myths told through the lens of women.



The Porcelain Moon by Janie Chang


The first World War tends not to be an era of historical fiction I gravitate toward, but The Porcelain Moon caught my attention. This book seems to center the voices of women in what is generally a male-focused part of the genre. I admittedly don't know a thing about the Chinese Labor Corps and am curious to learn (even if it is a fictional account of events).



Every Man a King by Walter Mosley


As a mystery lover and Walter Mosley fan (who doesn't love Devil in a Blue Dress), this one had to make the list. I love his lyric writing style paired with the unsavory characters that his protagonists usually find themselves up against. It creates rich, vibrant imagery that leaves the reader following a trail of breadcrumbs. That is, if they don't get lost in the world Mosley creates.



Chaos Theory by Nic Stone


This book sounds like it's about breaking generational curses. I was immediately drawn in by the premises of Black youths reckoning with mental health and grief. It doesn't hurt that the author is from one of my favorite ensemble anthologies. Not to mention she writes for Marvel, including the Shuri novel series beloved by one of my little broke besties.



Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed by Abi Balingit.


I know what you're thinking: is that a cookbook? The answer is yes, and it made the list for three reasons: a cookbook is still a book, I have a serious sweet tooth, ube, and I have a thing going on. And by that, I mean I have an almost unhealthy obsession with purple yam.

Those factors, together with food being a great way to learn about culture, make this a perfect addition.



Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong


Always in search of a good YA fantasy novel. This one seems to check the boxes of what makes for a riveting story. This book which features magic and political intrigue, it seems like it will be a page-turner while being none too heavy. As a debut novel, I don't know what the author's style is like, but based on the reviews, I have high hopes for this book!



What February releases are you excited about? Did you pick up any books from Part I?

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