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DIY Bookmarks

Keep your place using this printable to create your own DIY bookmarks!

landscapes in orange, blue, pink, green, purple. Each landscape has decorated with glitter or paint markers.
My simple DIY printable turned into this craft monstrosity.

About a week ago, I was struck with an idea. I love crafting and art, so I wanted a nice easy project that book lovers could do for themselves. I created a printable, and that’s about the time things went completely off the rails. They say when it rains, it pours, and in this case, the pouring was water from the ceiling of my living room. What ensued had to be one of the longest weeks of my life.

This past week taught me two things: 1. My printer cannot print cardstock. 2. Listening to an audiobook while covered in glitter is surprisingly therapeutic 3. Apparently, my “extra” gene kicks in with everything, including a simple half-hour bookmark project.

So without further ado, here’s how to make bookmarks (if you don’t have a printer capable of printing cardstock.) If you have a printer that can handle cardstock, congratulations, you win at life and can skip on down to #4.

YOU WILL NEED (you can purchase the items I used here.)



Spray adhesive

Metal ruler

Precision knife/scissors/paper trimmer

Matte Mod Podge (optional)

Paintbrush (optional)

Glitter (optional)

Glitter sealant (optional)

Embroidery floss (optional)

Hole punch (optional)

Paint pens (optional)


1. Download the printable template you’d like to use and print.

2. In an outdoor or well-ventilated setting, spray cardstock.

3. Match the printable's edges to the cardstock's edges. Smooth and let dry completely.

**If you desire a thinner bookmark, only use one piece of cardstock, attaching the printable to either side. If you want a thicker bookmark (which I recommend if adding tassel and glitter), then use two pieces of cardstock – one for each side of the bookmark.**

4. Once the spray adhesive is completely dry, use your cutting implement (I used a trimmer, but you could also use a precision knife and metal ruler or scissors) and cut along the lines of the printable.

5. Add more spray adhesive to the blank side of the cardstock. Match blank sides of card stock (or printable) together. Weigh down with something heavy to allow it to dry flat.

6. Cut off any excess using your precision knife and metal ruler or trimmer. (Scissors can be used, but it's more difficult to do this way).

7. Take a paint marker and color the edges of the bookmark. (You can use a regular marker or leave the edges blank).

**The rest of these steps are optional. This is only for if you want a blinged-out bookmark.**


1. Take your Matte Mod Podge and apply it with the paintbrush to the area you want to glitter. (For example, if you wanted to recreate the blue mountainscape, you would ONLY add Mod Podge to the mountain range you will glitter.)

2. To add multiple glitter areas, wait until the section dries entirely before adding Mod Podge to the next area. This will help keep the section clean and the glitter from running together.

3. Once you have added all the glitter you wish to your bookmark, spray with glitter fixative spray.


1. Measure ½ inch down from the top of the bookmark

2. Next, measure 1 inch from the edge of the bookmark (this should give you the middle).

3. Center your hole punch on both marks, and make a hole.

4. Follow the tutorial on how to make a tassel which you can watch below.



1. Grab a paint marker (to see which markers I use, click the link in materials).

2. Trace elements of the bookmark you want to stand out, ie. Mountain ranges, sun, tree, stars, words, etc.)

Remember that “extra” gene I mentioned at the beginning? Well, for those not interested in DIYing their own bookmarks, premade ones are available for sale in my shop.

Happy reading!