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Best Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Gifts for the Bookworms and Bibliophiles in Your Life

Shopping for gifts can be hard, but this list will take the guesswork out of it. Here, there's a little something for every type of reader.

Still searching for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life? Worry not because this list has something for every type of reader. Whether you are looking to spend a little or a lot, here are ten items that will wow every novel aficionado on your list. Any bookworm would be delighted to receive these, and the best part? They can be ordered in time for Christmas delivery -- no last-minute scrambling to find a gift.

Without further ado, here is the list sure to make your gifts a holiday hit!

About This Book Lovers Gift Guide

So you're trying to shop for the best gifts for book lovers in your life. Lucky for you, this compiled list features gifts for all different types of readers. As a certified bookworm, I own most items on this list (and I have even made a couple). You can believe me when I tell you how awesome they are. These gift ideas have something for everyone's price range -- under $10 and all the way up to one thousand dollars if you're feeling spendy.

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Bedtime Bookworm

Roving Reader

Literature Lover

Budding Bibliophile

Omnilegent Owner


Bedtime Bookworm

For the reader who loves to get cozy in bed with a good book.


A pillow tablet holder is a perfect addition for those who enjoy reading in their bed, whether it be a book or tablet. Handmade ones like these make for great style with an artisan touch.

Starting at $16.49 on Etsy.


A tablet holder like this is sure to be able to hold whatever device your book lover reads on. With a floor stand, there's no worry of furniture damage from a clamp. And with a heavy base and height adjustment, reading from any angle just got a whole lot more comfortable.

$69.99 on Amazon.

Roving Reader

For the reader who is always on the go.


I Would Rather Be Reading Tote

Is this a shameless plug for a tote that I sell? Yes, but hear me out. I ordered one as a test product and have used it every sense. From carting a couple books home from my local bookstore, to being stuffed full from a book con haul, this bag hasn't failed me yet.

$19.95 at Bookworms & Biblios.


While it's true you can read on a phone or tablet, reading on an e-reader is truly unmatched, and there's a reason why the Kindle is a bestseller. With features that allow you to read in direct sunlight or by the pool (it's waterproof) and ridiculously long battery life, it's perfect for any adventure.

Starting at $109 on Amazon.

Literature Lover

For the reader who loves a lasting impression.


There's nothing quite like leaving your mark behind, and a book embosser is a perfect way to do it. This gift will allow them to add a personal touch to their personal library.

Starting at $35 on Etsy.


These are a work of art, and I'm not just talking about the novels themselves. With this set, you are gifting three beautiful classic romance books that feature gorgeous cover illustrations, gilded gold edges, and slipcases, making them the perfect addition to any bookshelf.

$119.97 on Litjoy.

Budding Bibliophile

For the reader at the beginning of their adventure.