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Every book is a love story. You probably read that statement and now are starring quizzically at the screen, but it's true. What is a book if not an author's attempt to woo a reader? The seductive trail of words that begin at one cover and end at the other? The longing to see what happens and the heartbreak when last the reader's journey has finished?

And so because of that, this blog is a little different.

There are plenty of critical reviewers out there... 

...and I'm not one of them.

Look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with critiquing a book in a review. I would argue that the world needs critical reviewers and that some readers find that style of review to be the most valuable. That’s just not the community I'm interested in cultivating. Do I like everything I read? No, even close, but I started doing this so I could share the books I loved. As a reader, I care very little if something is a “literary masterpiece,” mainly because good and well-written (no matter how much some may try to convince you) are largely subjective concepts and based on cultural understanding and influence. It’s also why my reviews are “starless.” Either I enjoyed something or I didn’t, and if I enjoyed it, I want to share that.

But what if you hate the book I rec’d?

Well, you’re in luck because there are no shortages of places on the internet you can go to bash the living daylights out of that book, I just ask you to refrain from doing it on my page. Here, we endeavor not to yuck someone else's yum. 

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